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H Chen

Class of 2024Long Grove, IL



  • "Risk factors for Calf Related Injuries in Soccer Players: A Review" with mentor Gaurav (Aug. 22, 2023)

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Risk factors for Calf Related Injuries in Soccer Players: A Review

Started Apr. 13, 2023

Abstract or project description

The student is working on a medical literature review project evaluating the risk factors for calf injury in soccer players. Given the use of calf muscles in lateral movements and in running characteristic of soccer, understanding the risks and potential mitigation strategies can help soccer players understand risks. The student will be using PubMed search terms to identify eligible studies. He will also be summarizing relevant studies in a table format and discuss the key findings from relevant clinical trials and systematic reviews. In the discussion he will be talking about the risks compared to other sports and highlighting other avenues for future research.