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Gyan Shrivastava

Class of 2025Irvine, CA



  • "Does sleep duration have a correlation with job satisfaction among healthcare professionals?" with mentor Maggie (Dec. 3, 2023)

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Does sleep duration have a correlation with job satisfaction among healthcare professionals?

Started Mar. 23, 2023

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Healthcare professionals often face demanding work schedules and high levels of stress, which can impact their sleep patterns and subsequent job satisfaction. The purpose of this cross-sectional survey study is to investigate the relationship between sleep quality and job satisfaction among healthcare workers.The study will recruit participants with a variety of roles from various healthcare settings and collect data on sleep duration, sleep quality, and daily energy levels, which will be collected using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, as well as the Epworth Sleepiness Scale. Sleep tracking devices will also be used if applicable. Job satisfaction will also be recorded with a modified validated survey. The collected data will be analyzed using correlation analysis to explore the relationships between sleep duration, sleep quality, work-related factors, and job satisfaction. The hypothesized results may reveal a positive correlation between sleep duration and job satisfaction among healthcare professionals. Individuals who report longer sleep durations are more likely to report higher levels of job satisfaction. Other factors such as age, gender, and specific health fields may also be considered in the analysis to explore their influence on the relationship. The study aims to provide insights into the factors that contribute to job satisfaction in the healthcare industry and show the importance of good quality sleep for employee satisfaction. Enhancing job satisfaction and well-being in healthcare professionals can ultimately lead to improved patient care and outcomes.