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Polygence Scholar2023
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Georgia Quinn

Class of 2024London, England


Hello! My name is Georgia and my Polygence programme is on the effects of drama on your mental health. I chose to work on this project since drama really helped me with my self confidence and I have seen it be beneficial to others around me, resulting in my curiosity to investigate this further.


  • "Developmental Approaches in Drama Therapy: Addressing Trauma and the Decline in Creativity" with mentor Naomi (Sept. 17, 2023)

Project Portfolio

Developmental Approaches in Drama Therapy: Addressing Trauma and the Decline in Creativity

Started Mar. 23, 2023

Abstract or project description

This article presents a review of drama therapy’s effect in children’s psychological development and its possible therapeutic applications. Drama therapy is conceptualized as the use of theatrical techniques to allow the release of emotion to address unresolved trauma (Jennings et al., 1994). As people grow up, there is a decline in creativity that leads to a reduction in human ingenuity later on in life, thus decreasing society’s potential (Bronson & Merryman, 2010). Traumatic experiences, such as losing a loved one, is one of the main sources of psychological distress in children, and traditional therapy methods show only moderate success in these age groups (Edgar-Bailey & Kress, 2010). Confronting trauma and the ontogenetic decline in creativity will be explored through analyzing the effects that drama therapy has on improving children’s emotional wellbeing and promoting self-expression. This is crucial in exploring the future success in utilizing drama therapy as a more common form of therapy and as a platform for promoting creativity across the lifetime.