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Polygence Scholar2023
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Emma Ehan

Class of 2026Sewickley, PA



  • "Mitigating AI Art Plagiarism" with mentor Hannah (Nov. 16, 2023)

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Mitigating AI Art Plagiarism

Started June 4, 2023

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The development of artificial intelligence has enabled artists to create breathtaking and unique works of art in a matter of seconds with newly developed and powerful AI generation software. However, this raises the concern of AI art plagiarism, which is becoming a new and widespread issue, emerging alongside AI's integration into the art field. This research paper delves into how artists can protect their art from AI plagiarism while considering various safeguarding strategies and indepth descriptions of each. By utilizing personal projects and a dissection of contemporary issues, the research proposes establishing ethical guidelines to promote transparency, consent, and proper attribution in AI art along with emphasizing the need for clear copyright laws and intellectual property regulations. Despite AI plagiarism becoming an inevitable part of today's society, artists can still take precautions to preserve their unique style.