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Polygence Scholar2022
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Emily Shih

Ridley CollegeClass of 2023Taoyuan, Taoyuan



  • "A Blog Exploring American Drug Law" with mentor Ify (Mar. 22, 2022)

Project Portfolio

A Blog Exploring American Drug Law

Started Oct. 19, 2021

Abstract or project description

Emily is creating a blog exploring drug abuse and drug law in the United States. This blog will combine storytelling, interviewing, and secondary research techniques to examine the psychology behind why some people become addicted to drugs, how federal law penalizes drug use, and the impact of drug convictions on people's lives during and after incarceration. The blog will highlight focus on the science behind a few of the drugs that are abused. The blog will also discuss the harms that accompany drug abuse, such as fatal overdoses and serious injury. This project combines Emily's interests in learning about law and psychology.