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Ella Green

Miami Country Day SchoolClass of 2024Miami, Florida


Hello! My name is Ella Green and I'm from Miami, Florida. I chose to write a literature review on youth homelessness in the United States. I am passionate about helping those in need in my community, and my ultimate goal is to make an impact in ending homelessness, particularly youth homelessness, in any way possible. I have completed my literature review and submitted it to Colombia University's Junior Science Journal to potentially be published.


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Youth Homelessness in the United States

Started Mar. 12, 2022

Abstract or project description

This literature review examines youth homelessness in the United States. Included literature ranges from the late twentieth century to present day. This paper identifies the categories of youth who are most susceptible to experiencing youth homelessness, such as those who identify with the LQBTQ+ and/or the BIPOC communities. This paper also looks at the causes of homelessness, including youth who have experienced/witnessed domestic violence, as well as how the foster care system can play a role in homelessness. Finally, current housing solutions such as Housing First and Rapid Re-Housing are identified and explained.