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Dorie Liu

Class of 2025Peachtree Corners, Georgia



  • "New Media, the Internet, and Social Capital in Peachtree Corners: A Community Case Study" with mentor Gabriel (June 28, 2024)

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New Media, the Internet, and Social Capital in Peachtree Corners: A Community Case Study

Started Mar. 18, 2024

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New media has undoubtedly influenced community participation and social capital. The introduction of the Internet and its potential impacts on community and social capital has been a highly debated topic across the existing literature. Scholars have argued that media consumption has decreased social capital. Other researchers, however, say that the Internet has increased community engagement and, therefore, social capital through its facilitation of information sharing. This paper will analyze how new media might relate to participatory and social capital, specifically in the city of Peachtree Corners. Established in 2012, Peachtree Corners is a relatively new city with an innovative and tight-knit community. Various ways in which community members utilize media in this city may contribute to a closely integrated community, including a monthly newsletter, an e-newsletter, and multiple social media platforms. Considering these factors of Peachtree Corners, a study on the diverse relationships between various new media technologies and the city’s community capital is valuable to the ongoing debate about internet-based communities and establishes a city-specific case study of how the Internet might impact social capital.