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Polygence Scholar2023
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Debohuti Sahu

Class of 2024Hillsborough, NJ


Hello! My name is Debohuti Sahu. I am pursuing my passion in medicine and want to explore the expansive world under our noses. After I publish my research, I intend to bring it to the next level by completing research in higher laboratories and pursuing education in medicine.


  • "Cancer Immunotherapy: a study on viral oncolytic therapies and CAR T cell therapy" with mentor Jude (Sept. 19, 2023)

Debohuti's Symposium Presentation

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Cancer Immunotherapy: a study on viral oncolytic therapies and CAR T cell therapy

Started May 8, 2023

Abstract or project description

Cancer immunotherapy is the integration of the immune system in the treatment of cancer. As this is a growing area of oncology, I want to explore certain subareas. In specific, the intricacies of oncolytic viral therapy. This is using a virus to infect and destroy the cancer cells. This way by using viral mechanisms the body can be alerted where the cancer is and an immune response can be activated. With an immune response, the chances of cancer coming back can be easier dealt with and easier identified. In addition, understanding the fallbacks will be another focus of my research. With added knowledge, I can help mediate those fallbacks with education theories with a body of evidence. In the same sort of realm I would like to look into CAR T cell therapy. I would like to evaluate its effectiveness and looking into the side effects. Since chances are that the immune system can become overactive after this treatment, I want to come up with solution on how to combat this issue.