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David Cho

Class of 2024Seoul, Seoul


Hello, my name is David Cho and my Polygence Project is on using a 3D animation program called Blender to make an animation that reflects my experience.

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how can I use blender to complete a full short film about my experiences utilizing different animation styles?

Started Apr. 8, 2023

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Abstract or project description

My project is about a high school student gaining the courage to participate in a talent show, with a help of his friend.

The film was made using Blender, a 3D program. The background and various objects in the film were made by Blender, and the characters were made by grease pencil, a function in Blender that allows the user to draw 2D objects in a 3D environment.

The film’s narrative was derived from my personal experience of wanting to be on stage, but being cautious and skeptical of whether I should really try it. I found out a way to get the courage, which was from the help of my friends. That experience is reflected in the film.