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Dave Achonu

Baldwin High SchoolClass of 2024Baldwin, NY


Hello! My name is Dave Achonu. My project is about priming. I hope to conduct a study after I complete my project!


  • "A Comparative Analysis of the Impacts of Priming Between Behaviors with Varying Degrees of Influenceability" with mentor Alexander (Mar. 21, 2023)

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A Comparative Analysis of the Impacts of Priming Between Behaviors with Varying Degrees of Influenceability

Started Sept. 21, 2022

Abstract or project description

Recently, the psychological phenomenon known as priming has become a topic of discussion in the academic world. In 1996, Bargh et al demonstrated the implications that priming can have on the actions of participants. Since then, utilizing priming, researchers have been able to observe how certain stimuli influence behaviors and perceptions. This study seeks to expand on the current knowledge regarding priming and discover whether priming, specifically olfactory priming, has effects on cleanliness and food choice. After surveying for prior food preference and perceived hygiene, among other confounding variables, researchers will prime for either cleanliness or a particular food. This will be done by making the ambient environment of the room smell like a cleaning agent or that food. After completing an activity in that room, a buffet will be available, whereby individuals are permitted to wash their hands and select the food they would like to eat. Using this data, researchers will determine whether priming had an effect on the participants’ behaviors. If a statistically significant impact on behavior is observed, then priming did have an effect on the decisions made. The results of this research will contribute to the growing body of literature regarding priming and illustrate the impressionability of individuals in society.