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Polygence Scholar2021
Daniel Youssef's profile

Daniel Youssef

Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter SchoolClass of 2022Westborough, Massachusetts


Daniel is a senior at the Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School in Massachusetts. He is an accomplished writer who has received numerous writing awards including The Scholastic Writing Silver Key Award. He is the Diderot Society Co-Chairman, a talented chorus tenor, and enjoys singing with his school's A Capella group. Daniel is passionate about leveraging psychology to research various current issues from roots of school violence to how employers can effectively manage and motivate employees who are working from home in the era of COVID-19. He strives to provide tools and recommendations based on his research to help his community. Daniel hopes to study Business Management and Psychology in college, earn a Masters or Law Degree, and pursue a career in Human Resource Management or Employment/Labor Law.


  • "Theory X and Theory Y: MacGregor’s Theories of Motivation Applied to Working from Home in the Era of COVID-19" with mentor Andrew (Sept. 6, 2021)

Daniel's Symposium Presentation

Project Portfolio

Theory X and Theory Y: MacGregor’s Theories of Motivation Applied to Working from Home in the Era of COVID-19

Started June 20, 2021

Abstract or project description

In this paper, I discuss Theory X and Theory Y, applying that paradigm to analyze best HR practices for working from home, and how those practices may have changed in the age of COVID-19. The pros and cons of both theories will be discussed, thereby illuminating how changing circumstances decide which theory is best. This review lays the groundwork for future research, both in HR in this changing era, and in the effects that COVID-19 may have on business practices of all types.