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Polygence Scholar2021
Cosette Cordova's profile

Cosette Cordova

Long Beach Polytechnic High SchoolClass of 2022Long Beach, California



  • "Vent2Vote" with mentor Aliza (Sept. 15, 2021)

Project Portfolio


Started June 11, 2021

Abstract or project description

Cosette created a podcast entitled Vent2Vote to give upcoming voters the opportunity to find solace in hearing other upcoming voters vent about current events. In the podcast, she analyzes three key issues -equity, women's rights and climate change- from three perspectives: politics/government, media, and mental health. Cosette created her first episode with three other upcoming voters as an introduction to the podcast's goal: empower students, who cannot vote yet, through venting. Following the first episode, Cosette adopted a new format for the podcast. Each subsequent episode includes a short conversation with an upcoming voter. This serves as an introduction to a conversation with a professional from one of the three disciplines. During her ten Polygence sessions, Cosette held conversations with many upcoming voters, a school-based mental health advisor, and her local Councilwoman. Cosette plans to continue to record and edit episodes of Vent2Vote with the long-term goal of shaping a more educated generation of upcoming voters.