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Chayut Kovitchindachai

Class of 2025



  • "Comparison of Direct Air Capture with other negative emission technologies" with mentor Anne-Laure (Aug. 28, 2023)

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Comparison of Direct Air Capture with other negative emission technologies

Started May 9, 2023

Abstract or project description

Removing CO2 from the atmosphere is not limited to tree planting. Carbon capture is a modern solution that can help achieve a net zero carbon emissions goal within a few years, given the right funding and dedication. In addition to reducing carbon, the captured and stored carbon can also be utilized in commercial products. There are various negative emissions technologies (NETs), including direct-air capture (DAC) and bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS), that are currently available. This paper focuses on Direct Air Capture (DAC) .Unlike other NETs, DAC allows for high storage permanence without causing significant harm to the environment, land or water. This project will be focusing on the comparison between DAC and other negative emission technologies based on the process, benefits, risk, economics and efficiency in carbon capture. With this project, I hope to shine some more light on Direct air capture and illustrate its role and advantages in reducing the impact on climate change