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Polygence Scholar2024
Charlize Joseph's profile

Charlize Joseph

Class of 2024Cape Coral, Florida


Hi! I'm Charlize, and my Polygence project focuses on the various types of giftedness. I decided to take on this project to gain more insight into my own abilities while also helping others interested in learning about giftedness. Once I finish my project, I plan to continue sharing my knowledge and educating people on this topic.


  • "Genius or Gifted?" with mentor Rebecca (Jan. 26, 2024)

Project Portfolio

Genius or Gifted?

Started Oct. 2, 2023

Abstract or project description

My research on giftedness, presented in a short four video docu-series, explores topics such as giftedness in academia, twice-exceptionality, asynchronous development, and common misconceptions. The goal of my project is to explore the existing research on giftedness while also hearing individuals' own experiences. To complete the docu-series, I interviewed people from all parts of the gifted community. I met with students, teachers, and adults who have personal experience with giftedness. While doing my research, I was committed to understanding topics such as the discovery of giftedness, gaps in knowledge about the diagnosis, and shortcomings in services provided to the community.