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Cecilia Yang

The Harker SchoolClass of 2024San Jose, California

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The Impact of Climate Change on Animal Behavior: comparing the Arctic marine ecosystem and the Monterey Bay ecosystem

Started Apr. 20, 2022

Abstract or project description

This project will be a research paper and the following is the abstract: Climate change impacts ecosystems all across the world and affects the entire biosphere. The Arctic marine ecosystem is an ecosystem that is habitat to thousands of species, including polar bears, seals, fish, whales, and many species of algae. The Monterey Bay ecosystem is a marine ecosystem located in Northern California, and it is home to hundreds of species of kelp, sea otters, seals, sea lions, and seagulls. Although the effects of climate change on both of these regions have been well-researched, they have not been compared to observe the varied changes in animal behavior for each ecosystem. To fully understand changing animal behaviors across ecosystems, this analysis will compare different biospheres in existing literature. This research will highlight the similarities and differences in animal behavior changes in response to climate change. Furthermore, by accounting for the effects of climate change on animal behavior, predictions will be made based on the connection between the interactions between species and their environments. By comparing the Arctic marine ecosystem and the Monterey Bay ecosystem, scientists can gain a in-depth comprehension of the changes in animal behavior as a result of climate change and suggest a new method of observing the impact of climate change globally, enabling scientists to form more accurate predictions on climate change according to the influence of changing animal behavior.