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Polygence Scholar2024
Carla Carvajal's profile

Carla Carvajal

Class of 2023Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional



  • "Harnessing Microgrids to illuminate the Dominican Republic’s Future" with mentor Anne-Laure (Working project)

Project Portfolio

Harnessing Microgrids to illuminate the Dominican Republic’s Future

Started Aug. 10, 2023

Abstract or project description

The widespread interruptions of electricity connections have been severely impacting the Dominican Republic for years. Being obliged to fulfill the demands of more than 95% of the country, the government has been developing projects to tackle these challenges, but unfortunately, their attempts have been futile. The country still experiences around 18 blackouts per month, lasting at least 10 hours a day. Common assertions argue these power outages are a result of inadequate infrastructures, yet this is not a factor as the electricity sector is capable of providing 3,238 megawatts. To explore the unresolved reasons behind these power outages and bestow an innovative solution that strengthens the country’s electrical grid system, this paper will delve into the feasibility, design, and economic viability of microgrids as a tool to alleviate the losses in the electrical sector while promoting sustainable practices. Through an interdisciplinary approach, this study will analyze real-world data, case studies, and earlier historical policies to demonstrate how microgrids can revolutionize energy distribution in urban zones and poor neighborhoods. Ultimately, the goal of this research is not merely to enlighten the immense possibilities of microgrids but to bring forth a roadmap for their incorporation in the Dominican Republic.