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Fall 2024

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Carla Carvajal

Class of 2023Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional



  • "Harnessing Microgrids as a Response to Natural Hazards in the Dominican Republic" with mentor Anne-Laure (June 9, 2024)

Project Portfolio

Harnessing Microgrids as a Response to Natural Hazards in the Dominican Republic

Started Aug. 10, 2023

Abstract or project description

Throughout history, the Dominican Republic has been affected by natural disasters due to its geographical location and the lack of critical and resilient infrastructure for the island, coupled with landslides. However, with the detrimental effects of climate change, the island's constant exposition to hurricanes, earthquakes, floodings, and extreme temperatures has increased its vulnerability. As a result of these environmental hazards, the country has experienced a more elevated amount of damage, reflected in human losses, destruction of commercial and residential facilities, and exorbitant economic losses. Considering the present support from the Dominican government to encourage the development of renewable energies as a tool to respond to climate-related risks, as well as the large number of renewable projects that are already providing energy to Dominican citizens by public and private entities, an analysis has been conducted to demonstrate the benefits of microgrids in the Dominican Republic, as a mitigation mapping tool designed to reduce the impact of future disasters. Additionally, the report will present the elements needed for the integration of this project, as well as the areas of improvement currently lacking for any present implementation of an energy emergency mapping platform for the Dominican Republic. This report will also support future studies exploring solutions associated with the Dominican energy sector's resilience against extreme weather events.