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Gray Chameleons on the Rise: Mental Illness in the LGBTQ+ CommunityWhat biological and environmental factors influence increased rates of suicide and depression in the LGBTIQ community?

Started June 28, 2023

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Abstract or project description

I am conducting a mixed methods research study to pinpoint sources of depression and anxiety in LGBTQ+ adolescence. Origins of struggle can be utilized to produce blueprints for newly tailored and specialized therapy resources for the prevention of identity crises and prejudice, build societal empathy through psychological clarity, and facilitate progress towards holistic health and wellness in LGBTQ+ teens.

This is a one part study. A have made a survey that will take around 20-30 minutes, asking a wide range of questions on the topics of political affiliation, family life, religion, social constructs, government, school systems, social media, and physical health in relation to one's LGBTQ+ identity and severity/correlation of mental illness.