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Polygence Scholar2023
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Cameron Boros

Cambridge Rindge and Latin SchoolClass of 2025Nashville, Tennessee


Hi my name is Cameron and I am working on a writing project about humanities' psychological response to climate change. When I am done I would like to publish it as an article, essay or research paper.


  • "The whys of climate change inaction." with mentor Carol (May 22, 2023)

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The whys of climate change inaction.

Started July 25, 2022

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Abstract or project description

An Opinion Article exploring how governmental, societal, individual and corporate factors influence people's thoughts and behaviors around climate change. I will summarize more advanced psychological beliefs, biases, and behaviors that influence action and inaction on climate change. Finally I will provide a guideline for those who are aware of the issue but not active to be aware of the factors preventing them from making change and how to address them.