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Bryce Huang

Class of 2024San Marino, California


Hi, I'm Bryce Huang, a rising Senior at San Marino High School. My research project's topic is about education psychology. It is specifically about discovering the factors that make students enjoy and dislike school in order to maximize the efficiency of learning. I am interested in uncovering more about education systems in order to motivate students to actively participate in school. Since they are already forced to attend, why not make the most out of it? I believe that I can find combinations of education and personal fun that will appeal to students.


  • "Sports Participation and its Effect on Academic Achievement" with mentor Ellyn (Sept. 11, 2023)

Project Portfolio

Sports Participation and its Effect on Academic Achievement

Started June 1, 2023

Abstract or project description

Team sports are an important part of childhood and adolescence because of the values they instill about friendship, teamwork, and accountability. Parents also play a key role in their child’s development of these skills. However, the ways in which parenting and involvement in sports interact are not as well understood. In this paper, I dive deeper into the specific causes and effects of parent involvement. To do so, I will examine literature about children’s social development, as well as parental influence and the benefit of team sports on development. I will end my review with a synthesis of my findings and provide recommendations for parents about how much of an active role they should play in their child’s participation in sports. The findings of this review could provide useful insights that benefit both parents and their children.