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Avi Patel

Pine Crest SchoolClass of 1970Boca Raton, Florida



  • "An Introduction to Supervised Learning and Applications in NLP" with mentor Anav (Nov. 22, 2021)

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An Introduction to Supervised Learning and Applications in NLP

Started Nov. 23, 2020

Abstract or project description

Avi's project will be a full treatment of supervised learning. The culmination of the project will involve attempting to tackle a supervised learning problem in NLP end-to-end. To start, we will discuss the setup of a supervised learning problem and a general framework that we can approach any such problem with. We'll discuss how to train our models on observed data and conduct the proper experiments to validate that the model will perform as well as needed on incoming, previously unseen data. At the end of the project Avi will know how to identify problems which are suitable for supervised learning, train a model on seen data, verify that a model is ready for real world use, and understand what it means for a computer specifically an algorithm) to have "learned something".