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Ava Stern

Oakland Technical High SchoolClass of 2023Oakland, California



  • "The Urban Forest: An Analysis on Local and International Programs" with mentor Hayley (Aug. 29, 2022)

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The Urban Forest: An Analysis on Local and International Programs

Started Mar. 10, 2022

Abstract or project description

I am writing a paper about urban forestry (UF) programs in cities. I will use Oakland, California USA as the main case study, but will also explore UF strategy from other cities around the world under a second global case study. I will explore the strategies used to manage urban forests, examining what is effective and ineffective. I will then analyze how international forestry initiatives are implemented at the city scale and understand whether state, national, or international bodies influence these local strategies. Ultimately, I strive to understand the efficacy of overarching bodies, like the UN, in influencing UF strategy and look into ways that coordinated efforts can be improved. I will primarily use qualitative research and interviews with activists, government actors, and forestry policy specialists.