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A Project on how switching to sustainable practices in large companies or small companies can positively affect their business and corporate social responsibility. Exploring how large companies have mostly transformed to use less plastic and enact more sustainable practices.

Started Sept. 26, 2022

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Abstract or project description

Corporate Social Responsibility, Business welfare or destruction is a podcast regarding business Corporate Social responsibility programs. In the business world, CSR has four main types– environmental, ethical, philanthropic, and economic. Environmental is the most common type of CSR because of our increasing attention to the environment and climate change. As a result, CSR is extremely important now since consumers want to know about the negative externalities caused by production activities. In other words, consumers–more than ever before–care about how their purchases affect the environment. This often leads to sustainability programs, and other social programs to counteract their harmful effects on the environment. Moreover, this podcast aims to raise awareness about the wasteful/harmful practices that companies enact. It also covers the pros and cons of enacting CSR in companies.