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Asha Aggarwal

Class of 2025



  • "The effects of active music therapy on depression across ages" with mentor Bailey (Sept. 5, 2023)

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The effects of active music therapy on depression across ages

Started May 26, 2023

Abstract or project description

Asha will be synthesizing and reviewing the literature that examines active music therapy on depression. So far, she has completed an initial search of the literature examining numerous types of music therapy on various outcomes, including depression symptoms, anxiety symptoms, dementia, and psychosis symptoms. Asha is most interested in exploring the effects of music on depression. Due to the limited research on specific age ranges, she will be examining the effects of music on depression across all ages. Additionally, since there were many types of music therapies, she is going to focus on active music therapy. Once she has an adequate understanding of the current literature on this topic, she will also propose a research study on this question that fills the gaps in the literature.