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Polygence Scholar2024
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Arnav Gorantla

Class of 2027Danville, CA


Hi! My name is Arnav and my Polygence project is on air quality impact throughout the world, and I also predicted when the deaths caused by air pollution near 0.


Project Portfolio

Studying Death Rates Caused by Air Pollution

Started Oct. 13, 2023

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Abstract or project description

Air pollution represents a pervasive environmental hazard that poses grave risks to human health worldwide. Prolonged exposure to various air pollutants, such as particulate matter (PM), ozone (O3), and other harmful substances, can precipitate the development of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, ultimately contributing to increased mortality rates across diverse populations. This comprehensive study aims to conduct an in-depth analysis of air pollution-related death rates across different regions, countries, and socioeconomic development levels, by identifying spatial and temporal trends, as well as key contributing factors, the findings of this research endeavor to inform evidence-based policymaking and guide the implementation of effective mitigation strategies to safeguard public health globally.