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Arjun Krishna

Class of 2024



  • "Effects of Deregulation Policy on Migrant Worker Health and Safety" with mentor Noah (Oct. 22, 2023)

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Effects of Deregulation Policy on Migrant Worker Health and Safety

Started June 15, 2023

Abstract or project description

The goal of this project will be to analyze empirical trends in regards to the amount in dollars invested by various chemical companies (Syngenta (Chem China), Bayer Crop Science, etc) on research as well as political campaigning, funding, and special interest contributions. The purpose of this research will be to understand the effect of this high-level spending as it pertains to the health and safety of undocumented migrant workers. This project will be unique, in that we juxtapose the systems and methods utilized by these companies to subvert basic health and safety measures, with the lack of resources and cycles of poverty endured by undocumented migrant workers. Ultimately, we seek to answer two questions: “How do chemical companies expend resources to push forward deregulation” and “How do these practices affect migrant workers and their ability to escape their situations.”