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Polygence Scholar2023
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Anvi Sinha

Class of 2024San Jose, California



  • "The Homeostasis of the Gut-Brain Axis in Human and Animal Models of Alzheimer's" with mentor Kyle (Aug. 25, 2023)

Project Portfolio

The Homeostasis of the Gut-Brain Axis in Human and Animal Models of Alzheimer's

Started May 12, 2023

Abstract or project description

The Gut-Brain Axis (GBA) is a bidirectional channel through which the enteric nervous system in the abdomen and the central nervous system in the cranium can communicate. The gut microbiome strongly influences the GBA and is composed of a variety of bacterial strains (e.g. E. col, B. bifidum) which are influenced by a variety of factors during growth and development. In this review, I will summarize studies focused on the influences of psychostimulants, early life adversity, and diet on human and animal microbiota as well as their influence on neurodegeneration in the brain. Drugs, stress, and diet are known to increase inflammation and disrupt the blood-brain barrier (BBB). In turn, activation of pro-inflammatory cytokines lead to neuroinflammation in the brain which have been shown to increase the susceptibility to Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and overall cognitive impairment.