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Anika Atluri

Independence High SchoolClass of 2025Ashburn, VA


Hi! My name is Anika and my Polygence project is on Dark Patterns. I created a Dark Patterns Simulation website (https://dark-pattern-simulation.bubbleapps.io/version-test/home_page?), along with a research paper displaying my findings. I chose to focus my project on Dark Patterns, as I believed that this project would be beneficial towards many. Dark patterns are all around us, and it's important to be educated about them.


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Online Simulation of Dark Patterns

Started May 16, 2022

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Dark patterns are design elements in a website/app (or any online interface) that are designed to trick users into performing certain actions on the interface. With the use of human psychology and UI/UX, web engineers can manipulate users into completing an action without their knowledge. Through dark patterns, the users can often be negatively impacted, while the web publisher benefits. Dark patterns have become highly prevalent recently amongst online sites, and they are difficult to catch and avoid. A simulation of some of the most frequently used dark patterns may help online users keep themselves safe and protected. My project consists of a series of dark pattern simulations. With this project, I will create a platform in which users can be educated about dark patterns, and notice them more easily while browsing the internet.