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Angela okugo

notre dame academy GeorgiaClass of 2023duluth, ga



  • "The influence of technology on the learning of individuals with neuro-disorders?" with mentor Sori (July 15, 2022)

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The influence of technology on the learning of individuals with neuro-disorders?

Started Apr. 12, 2022

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Use of technologies in the current time is extremely widespread from our social media to portable devices but there is less focus on how this technology functions in the lives of individuals with neuro disorders. With the rise in trends for inclusivity for all, it would be worthy to investigate how technology bridges the learning gap between people with and without these disabilities. The aim of this paper is to explore how these groups of people –specifically those with autism, asperger’s and adhd—interact with technology, and more importantly, how it has led to advancements in their day to day living from speech to social skills, emotions and more.