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Andre Prakash

Class of 2024Santa Rosa, Californi



  • "Creating a Curriculum that Fosters Critical Thinking in an Online Environment" with mentor Zahra (Working project)

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Creating a Curriculum that Fosters Critical Thinking in an Online Environment

Started July 25, 2023

Abstract or project description

In recent years, education has undergone significant changes due to the increasing prevalence of online learning. While this modern shift brings advantages, it also presents challenges, such as an excessive focus on memorization. Consequently, it becomes crucial to investigate approaches in education that encourage the cultivation of critical thinking. This paper intends to examine and propose remedies for the challenges associated with the lack of critical thinking in online pedagogy with a particular emphasis on Computer Science education. The primary goal of this study is to explore how problem-solving skills could be fostered within an online learning setting. To achieve this, we will analyze the positive characteristics of different theories of education, as well as the downsides of other forms of pedagogy. Through this examination, our objective is to establish a framework comprising concepts and guidelines for designing effective online curricula. Overall, the purpose of this paper is to propose ideas for advancing digital pedagogy. We seek to encourage a shift in online teaching practices that places more emphasis on critical thinking and the acquisition of practical skills relevant to the professional software development field. Through our analysis of the challenges surrounding curricula, we aim to make a substantial contribution towards the continuous improvement of digital education.