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Polygence Scholar2023
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Anand Krishnan

Class of 2026Bellevue, WA


Hello! My name is Anand, and my Polygence project is on a face-detection model that can lock and unlock home doors. I chose to work on this project because such a system will make it easier for home residents to lock and unlock their doors while improving security. Home residents will no longer have to rely on keys (which can be copied or lost) or passcodes (which they might forget or share). After completing my project, I would like to implement such a lock in my home.


  • "Deep Learning-Powered Facial Detection System for Home Security" with mentor Sejal (Oct. 5, 2023)

Project Portfolio

Deep Learning-Powered Facial Detection System for Home Security

Started Feb. 24, 2023

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To be completed by Anand