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Alper Altinel

high_schoolClass of 2024San Jose, CA



  • "Chinese-Taiwanese Relationship in the Context of post-Russian invasion of Ukraine" with mentor Dilyara (Nov. 5, 2022)

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Chinese-Taiwanese Relationship in the Context of post-Russian invasion of Ukraine

Started Aug. 15, 2022

Abstract or project description

In his research paper, Alper will examine how the relationship between China and Taiwan evolved in the context of the Ukraine war. Alper will measure a correlation between the drop in approval ratings of Vladimir Putin after the invasion of Ukraine and Xi Xinping’s actions relating to Chinese fighter plane sorties crossing into Taiwanese airspace. Beyond the statistical analysis of fighter plane incursions vis-a-vis the approval ratings of Russia, Alper will also explore the official statements by the Chinese government and newspaper stories to understand the Chinese and Taiwanese narratives regarding the Strait issue.