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Ali Abdullah

Class of 2023Lahore, Punjab


Hello! My name is Ali Abdullah and my Polygence project is on Biases found within AI.


  • "Biases in Judicial AI Systems: A Proposed Methodology for Combatting Biases" with mentor Baxter (Jan. 30, 2024)

Project Portfolio

Biases in Judicial AI Systems: A Proposed Methodology for Combatting Biases

Started July 10, 2023

Abstract or project description

This research paper explores the challenges and implications of biases in Judicial AI systems. It investigates the feasibility of a novel jury system comprising diverse models and algorithms to mitigate biases, discusses the removal of personal information from cases, proposes tailored models for different legal areas, and examines the use of legal compilations to reduce biases. The paper also delves into cross-country variations in AI training, transparency in model decisions, liability of developers, dynamic versus static updating of AI, and the moral considerations inherent in AI judgments. The paper concludes by advocating for a gradual incorporation of AI in the judicial system.