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Alec Alarakhia

Class of 2025Clearwater Beach, Florida


Hello! My name is Alec Alarakhia, and my Polygence project explores the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of medicine, specifically in diagnostics and personalized treatment. I look to research different AI technologies used in specialized medicine, analyze their benefits and drawbacks, and discuss ethical considerations and the future of AI in medicine. I chose to work on this topic because of its relevance in today's world. The understanding of AI is rapidly advancing, and it can have a substantial impact on the medical world. Additionally, I am very interested in medicine and aspire to attend medical school. Thus, this topic that involves healthcare is of great interest to me. After completing my project, I would like to share my findings in a research journal and present my research at a conference.


  • "How does sleep time affect academic performance, relationships, mental health, and other aspects of life in medical students and healthcare professionals?" with mentor Maggie (Working project)

Project Portfolio

How does sleep time affect academic performance, relationships, mental health, and other aspects of life in medical students and healthcare professionals?

Started Aug. 31, 2023

Abstract or project description

Sleep quality plays a critical role in the well-being and cognitive functioning of individuals. In the high-stress medical field, healthcare professionals and medical students experience problems with sleeping an adequate amount. This research paper summarizes the literature on the profound effect of poor sleep quality on medical students and healthcare professionals, shedding light on sleep levels’ multifaceted consequences on their physical and mental health, job performance, and overall quality of life. Specifically, this paper analyzes the relationship between duration and quality of sleep and the quality of various aspects of the life of medical students and healthcare professionals, including social relationships, mental health, and academic performance. First, the paper will explore sleep’s effect on the social relationships of those in the medical field; specifically, the paper will analyze findings on familial and romantic relationships. This review will then highlight the effect of sleep deprivation on mental health, including the impact of poor sleep on depression and anxiety rates in healthcare professionals and medical students. Last, the paper will target the correlation between poor sleep quality and the academic performance levels of medical students. In summary, this paper will review and summarize the available research on the relationship between sleep quality and duration and life factors such as social relationships, depression and anxiety levels, and academic performance. Since research has found that the hours an individual spends sleeping have countless effects on his or her quality of life, it is vital that research is conducted to explore the importance of sleep further to better understand the correlation between sleep and various aspects of life.