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Polygence Scholar2023
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Ajay Chakraborty

Class of 2026Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania



  • "Creating and Accelerating the Shift from Fossil Fuel Jobs to Green Energy Jobs" with mentor Ethan (Oct. 13, 2023)

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Creating and Accelerating the Shift from Fossil Fuel Jobs to Green Energy Jobs

Started Feb. 28, 2023

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The green energy job market is growing consistently, excluding pandemic losses. Green energy jobs have overtaken fossil fuel jobs in electric power generation (EPG), and they are beginning to command a presence in fuels jobs. Demand for green energy workers is very high, and green energy employers are having trouble finding qualified workers to fill their open positions. In addition, real wages in this sector are increasing, the jobs are stable, and workers have more choice as to which parts of the US they want to live in than they would if they worked a fossil fuel job. Meanwhile, workers are being pushed out of fossil fuel jobs, and this has caused fossil fuel dependent communities to languish. However, workers pushed out of fossil fuel industries do not seem to be shifting to green energy jobs, despite their attractive qualities. This is caused by numerous major barriers. Active solutions are starting to form amongst major institutions, showing that there is a real problem and potential for opportunity in this area. My solution is to take this job transition online, consolidating the workers, employers, and necessary re-trainings in one place.