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Aditya Trivedi

Class of 2025Edison, New Jersey



  • "Nanoparticles Delivery as a New Method to Treat Type 1 Diabetes" with mentor Naedum (Working project)

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Nanoparticles Delivery as a New Method to Treat Type 1 Diabetes

Started Nov. 29, 2022

Abstract or project description

Type 1 Diabetes is a disease in which insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells are destroyed by immune cells leading to high blood sugar levels. I propose a new treatment method in which nanoparticles are used to deliver insulin to treat type 1 diabetes. This will be achieved by successfully delivering nanoparticles into the lungs, leading to diffusion from the alveoli to the bloodstream allowing a sufficient release of insulin throughout the blood to establish and sustain a basal insulin concentration. This will combat high sugar levels which are an effect of insufficient insulin in the blood.