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Adhiraj Mantan

Coppell HighschoolClass of 2024Irving, Texas



  • "Pathophysiology of Cushing's Disease" with mentor Brendan (Oct. 28, 2022)

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Pathophysiology of Cushing's Disease

Started July 6, 2022

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The endocrine system is key in maintaining the homeostasis of the body, and involves various feedback loops within endocrine organs. Additionally, endocrine disorders affect a significant portion of the global population and are a common reason to seek medical treatment. Among endocrine disorders, Cushing's disease is an interesting example and results in disruption of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. In true (endogenous) Cushing's syndrome, these symptoms are due to the presence of a tumor secreting one of the hormones in the HPA axis. However, very similar findings are seen in immunosuppressed persons due to the introduction of exogenous steroids as treatment which disrupt the HPA axis in a similar manner. This blog series will provide an overview of the endocrine system, particularly the HPA axis, introduce Cushing's disease and relevant epidemiology, molecular mechanisms, and treatments, as well as draw parallels to the treatment-induced hypercortisol state seen in immunosuppressed patients.