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Fall 2023

Aarushi will be presenting at The Symposium of Rising Scholars on Saturday, September 23rd! To attend the event and see Aarushi's presentation,

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Aarushi Gupta

Montgomery High School, Skillman NJClass of 2024Belle Mead, NJ



  • "Do humans perceive ChatGPT as having a mind of its own?" with mentor Dillan Elise (Sept. 11, 2023)

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Do humans perceive ChatGPT as having a mind of its own?

Started June 4, 2023

Abstract or project description

This project is interested in measuring the psychological phenomenon of how people are prone to thinking that AI agents have sentience, and whether this influences their beliefs on the future of AI, how risky it is, and how adept of a tool it can be. It is unclear yet whether this project will be mostly exploratory or hypothesis driven. The project will entail survey questions that quantify the relationship that people have with AI agents (specifically ChatGPT), and may or may not include an experimental manipulation of people's interaction with ChatGPT.