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Spring 2024

Aadi will be presenting at The Symposium of Rising Scholars on Saturday, March 23rd! To attend the event and see Aadi's presentation.

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Aadi Kenchammana

Class of 2025Los Altos, California


Hello! My name is Aadi, and I am interested in learning more about Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Specifically, I am very interested in ChatGPT and would like to utilize the recent advancements in LLMs to develop tools that can help students. One idea I am thinking about is a study chat app that can be used to interactively ask questions about texts or other study material. Another idea could be a mental health chat app that students can interact with during times of stress.  Besides building a complete app, I would like to write and publish a paper to share my findings and hopefully deploy the finished product.


  • "TBD" with mentor Arpit (Working project)

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Started June 22, 2023

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