College Credits with Polygence

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Polygence is thrilled to partner with the University of California at Irvine’s Gifted and Talented Institute (UCI x GATI). This program is not included in Polygence’s tuition. Students will be invited to apply.

For those who are selected and enrolled, the UCI x GATI program is a partially self-paced two-unit UC Irvine class. As part of a well-rounded research project experience, eligible students will also enroll in a UC Irvine undergraduate-level writing program. Additional information can be found under Independent Research (2 Credits) on UCI x GATI's site linked here. To earn college credits for their project, students must first submit an application form and have their research papers (either experimental or review papers) ready for submission by each deadline.

All research papers will be graded by UCI faculty members and awarded a letter grade at the end of the process. There are no restrictions on the breadth of subject areas, and we welcome academic papers in any and all fields!

Frequently asked questions

Are the credits transferable?: UC Irvine credits are broadly transferable across the UC system, and students can also petition to have them recognized at other US colleges. More information from the UC Regents can be found here.

When would I receive credit?: While the course is partially self-paced, the two credits, if earned, will not be bestowed until the course ends and final grades have been posted in early September 2022 for this cycle.

Will my Polygence and UCI x GATI deadlines be the same?: Deadlines for UCI x GATI submissions may be different from a student’s Polygence program end date, for instance. Students are accountable for submitting work for the course by the UCI x GATI deadlines.