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DMD Doctor of Dental Medicine candidate

Business, Other, Biology
Biology, Dentistry, Medicine, Public Health, Community Service/Philanthropy, Biomedical Sciences, Entrepreneurship
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Project ideas

Public Health Problem-Solver

In this project you will choose an area of need in public health that interests you, and start a partnership with an organization to create a better solution for a problem they have. For example, working with Project Homeless Connect in SF to reliably and routinely package and distribute basic essentials to houseless community members.

Oral vs. Oropharyngeal Cancer -- Is There a Difference?

Spoiler alert! Yes, there are many differences! In this project you will conduct a literature review on the risk factors and differences between these two very different, but related diseases. This project would culminate in applying for publication.

Host on Health Disparities

In this project you will explore an area of health disparity -- whether that be in socioeconomic class, race, sex, or another population -- and then review sources that allow you to formulate an evidence-based opinion. Your project will include that opinion and possible solutions, to be featured online in print or via podcast!

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