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Omar B

- Research Program Mentor

MS at New York University (NYU)


computer science, marketing, entrepreneurship , robotics, computer vision, VR, AR, MR


Hey there! I’m Omar Benkraouda, and I thrive at the intersection of technology and business. I graduated as the valedictorian from New York University with a Master’s in Computer Science and Business. My academic adventure is driven by a passion for all things tech—especially Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Big Data Analytics. I love tackling tough problems and finding fun, innovative solutions. At NYU, I spent my days (and plenty of nights!) in the Future Reality Lab, where I got to play around with Unity and PhotonEngine to build cool educational metaverse experiences. When I’m not geeking out over algorithms, I’m an entrepreneur and a self-confessed gaming enthusiast. I co-founded BNK Bubbles, Dubai's top-rated dry-cleaning and logistics service, where I merged my geeky side with sharp business strategies to ramp up our customer love by leaps and bounds. Off the clock, I dive into the world of educational game design and chill out in gaming communities, always looking to level up my software development and user experience skills. So, whether it’s discussing the latest in AI or swapping gaming tips, I’m all about keeping it fun and engaging!

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Using Virtual Reality to Teach Soft Skills

Dive into the virtual world to master real-world skills! This project focuses on crafting a VR app that teaches crucial soft skills like communication and teamwork through fun, interactive scenarios. Objectives: - Create engaging VR environments where users can practice soft skills in simulated social and professional settings. - Develop smart feedback tools using AI to give users instant tips and tricks on improving their interpersonal abilities. Project Scope: - Development Phase: Build and animate dynamic VR scenarios using Unity or Unreal Engine, focusing on user interaction and realism. - Testing and Evaluation Phase: Test the app with real users, tweak based on their feedback, and evaluate skill growth through playful challenges and assessments. Expected Outcomes: - A cool VR app that turns learning essential soft skills into a game-like experience. - New insights into how VR can transform learning and professional development. This project is perfect for students eager to explore how cutting-edge tech can make learning soft skills exciting and impactful!

Coding skills

python, Java, C++, JavaScript

Languages I know

English, Arabic


Work experience

New York University Stern School of Business (2022 - 2023)
Teaching Fellow
NYU Future Reality Lab (2023 - 2022)
Research Assitant
BNK Bubbles (2019 - Current)
Co-founder & Ex-CEO
UAEU (2017 - 2020)
Research Assitant


United Arab Emirates University
BS Bachelor of Science (2021)
Information Systems & AI
New York University (NYU)
MS Master of Science (2023)
Computer Science & Business

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