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Lingting S

- Research Program Mentor

PhD at Columbia University


Immunology, Genetics, Single Cell RNA Seq, T cells, SAT Math, Math


I am a postdoctoral research scientist in the department of biomedical engineering at Columbia university studying the interaction of immune system and cancer via both computational and experimental approach. I received my Ph.D. degree at Columbia University in the department of biomedical engineering studying the mechanosensing of regulatory T cell induction. I obtained my BS degree in biomedical engineering at Rutgers University where I worked on developing an in vitro approach to identify skin sensitizers to eliminate animal cosmetic testing. I enjoy working on both the wet lab and dry lab part of research. My goal is to build my own lab to study the interaction between immune system and diseases. Outside of work, I enjoy many outdoor as well as indoor activities. My workouts are Zumba classes, biking, and hiking. Attending Broadway shows, watching sunsets by the Hudson River, and biking in the central park is the reason why I stayed in NYC.

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Adoptive therapy with Regulatory T cells

Regulatory T cells are a subset of T cells that suppress the immune response, and they hold the potential to treat autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, and graph versus host diseases. The student can conduct literature searches on the application of regulatory T cells in adoptive therapy. It is exciting to learn about the current status, challenges, and future development of Treg adoptive therapy.

Pan-cancer signature identification with machine learning tools

The goal of this project is to analyze Single-cell RNA-Seq data of T cells in the blood samples of many cancer types to capture signature genes for the detection of cancer compared to healthy donors. The student will work on data collection, batch collection, RNA-Seq analysis, machine learning model building, and marker identification.

Coding skills

Python, Matlab, R

Languages I know

Chinese, Fujianese

Teaching experience

I was a teaching assistant for a course called quantitative physiology for 2 semesters where I regularly hosted office hours to teach students the course materials and solve homework problems. I have mentored 1 high school student, 2 undergraduate students, and 1 master student in my current research project on lab technique, research, and immunology.


Work experience

Yarmush Lab, Rutgers BME (2015 - 2017)
Research assistant
Colgate-Palmolive (2016 - 2017)
Co-op intern
Kam Lab, Columbia BME (2017 - 2021)
Research fellow


Rutgers University
BS Bachelor of Science (2017)
Biomedical Engineering
Columbia University
MS Master of Science (2019)
Biomedical Engineering
Columbia University
MPhil Master of Philosophy (2020)
Columbia University
PhD Doctor of Philosophy (2022)
Biomedical Engineering

Completed Projects

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