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Nicholas J

- Research Program Mentor

PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate


Molecular biology. Stem cell biology. Regenerative Medicine. Pharmacology & Drug Development. Cancer. Diabetes.

Project ideas

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Scientific Review on the Ethical Implications of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells have given scientists the ability to study rare diseases that were previously difficult to study, while also having the potential to provide life saving therapies. The current technology that has been developed from stem cells is extremely promising and has already begun to produce positive results in the clinic. With the new and efficient gene editing tool CRISPR, scientists can manipulate genes, which has increased the potential of stem cells and our ability to use them for clinical purposes. There have always been concerns about stem cells and stem cell research. Recently there has been a lot of attention in regards to how/what type of research is being conducted with stem cells. Should there be a limit on what types of stem cell research? Who will have access to the new therapies being developed? Is all stem cell research equal? This project will take a deep dive into these questions. You will utilize the scientific literature to comprise a review of ethical concerns surrounding past and current stem cell research. We will also attempt to identify new ethical concerns and how we can continue to establish ethical boundaries moving forward.

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