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Sarah S

- Research Program Mentor

MA at Carnegie Mellon University


Business, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations,Playwriting, theatre for social change


I'm Sarah Schreck (yes, like the ogre), a digital marketing professional working in the non-profit arts sector. I graduated from the University of Central Florida after completing an undergraduate thesis studying the nature of public relations practices on emerging audiences, and after seeing through the production of multiple original plays, and am eager to share my knowledge of these processes. In graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University, I studied arts management and now work at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council and the site-specific Quantum Theatre as a digital marketing professional. It's no surprise to learn that I love the arts and seeing shows, but my hobbies also include producing video games with friends (my newest endeavor), practicing yoga, rock climbing, or cooking the most unusual things I can find at the grocery store. You can always find me watching some kind of cartoon or Star Trek in between work periods. I love connecting with people who are passionate about progressing, learning, and creating something actionable. I've always considered continuing my education in the realm of teaching, and making connections with fresh-minded folks is icing on the cake.

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Comprehensive Marketing Campaign for Musical Production

Creating content for a product or service you love is like inviting everyone to a party. If you're interested in the creative corner of a business plan, and if you enjoy something like the performing arts, you may wish to create something like a marketing campaign for a musical! This may be useful to you in your community, or an example for your portfolio that will amaze your teachers and future employers, not to mention yourself. As an arts organization such as a theater prepares to sell tickets to a show, they must plan, create, and disseminate assets in their community up to a year in advance. In this project, a student may develop many or all of the following: - A creative strategy statement, including a SWOT analysis and scope statement (~1 page) - A general research packet (research about the show, audience, and media, length is up to student) - A target audience analysis (1 page) - A campaign budget - Sample creative assets including e-mail blasts, social media posts, advertisements, radio spots, and outdoor advertising creative concepts - A comprehensive plan/schedule including the timing and placement of all advertising elements - Lobby displays, if interested Should the student wish to complete this project for an actual production, such as a high school play or musical, the project may be adapted for full implementation! Budget, location, and school rules would need to be considered. Additionally, if a student wishes to conduct research involving this process, they may wish to collect data such as show attendance and social media analytics.

10-Minute or One-Act Play

Ten minutes doesn't sound like much time - and it's not too many pages, either. However, a ten minute play can be in the works for months before it realizes its potential as a highly concentrated theatrical work. The same can be said for a one-act of 40 minutes or less. A student interested in writing a short theatrical work may expect to: - Explore the basics of playwriting, major tenants of theatre history, and the context in which the student writes (this is what is known as dramaturgy) - Conduct research concerning their chosen setting or context for a play - Extensively, creatively, brainstorm and challenge convention - Write the play, of course - Edit the work based on feedback from professional sources, and/or anticipated audiences - Learn the standards of formatting convention for playwriting - Witness a reading of the work and take note of its impact and opportunities for growth - Be encouraged to share the work on the National New Play Exchange, or a different platform or publisher of choice This experience may be challenging, but the project may also be exceptionally rewarding. Whether a lighthearted piece or a somber one, there is much to be gained in seeing one’s imaginary friends take to the stage!

Teaching experience

My prior teaching experience involves: 1) Guest lecturing in graduate school and undergraduate settings regarding social media marketing 2) Brief mentorship for competitors in the International Thespian Society as part of feedback in the areas of vocal performance, production marketing, and playwriting 3) Theatre for social change and playwriting for students in elementary and middle school in a summer camp setting I've also given a TEDx talk about parasocial relationships!


Work experience

The Swell Squad at IMPACT (2023 - Current)
Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council (2018 - 2022)
Marketing Manager
Orlando Fringe Festival (2017 - 2017)
Festival Administrative Intern
Crank Communications (2015 - 2016)
Social Media Manager


University of Central Florida
BA Bachelor of Arts (2018)
Majors: Advertising and Public Relations, Theatre Studies. Minors: Creative Writing (Script), Performing Arts Administration
Carnegie Mellon University
MA Master of Arts
Arts Management

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