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Geoffrey R

- Research Program Mentor

MD candidate at Medical College of Wisconsin


biology, immunology, microbiology, medicine, clinical laboratory science, business, management, military, leadership development


Hello, I'm Geoffrey, a dedicated second-year medical student at the Medical College of Wisconsin. My academic passion lies in mentorship and leadership, and I'm deeply committed to shaping the future generations of healthcare professionals. Alongside my academic pursuits, my passion for selfless service and education drives me to contribute to the world's growth in my own way. Being an Army veteran is a significant part of my identity, and I'm eagerly preparing to serve as an Army physician after completing medical school. Currently, I'm exploring my interests in Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology, aiming to make a meaningful impact in these fields. On a personal note, I lead an active lifestyle that reflects my love for challenges. I'm an avid competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions, ultramarathons, and powerlifting meets. Additionally, I have a strong affinity for speed, having raced cars and motorcycles. As a devoted fan, I've attended Formula 1 races, appreciating the thrill of the sport. This blend of academic dedication and adventurous spirit fuels my journey in both medicine and life.

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Healthy Living Workshop for Teens

Create and conduct a workshop or seminar aimed at educating fellow high school students about the principles of lifestyle medicine and how small changes in daily habits can significantly impact overall health and well-being. The project can be broken down into several components: Research Phase: Study the principles of lifestyle medicine, focusing on topics like nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, and social connections. Research scientific studies and articles supporting the positive impact of lifestyle choices on health outcomes. Workshop Development: Develop engaging presentations, interactive activities, and informative handouts tailored to the interests and concerns of teenagers. Incorporate real-life examples, success stories, and practical tips to make the information relatable and actionable. Consider incorporating guest speakers, such as local nutritionists, fitness trainers, or mental health professionals, to enhance the workshop content. Workshop Delivery: Organize the workshop in collaboration with school clubs, health classes, or after-school programs. Conduct interactive sessions where participants can actively participate, ask questions, and share their experiences. Provide resources and references for further reading and exploration.

Teen Entrepreneur Marketplace

Create and manage a small-scale marketplace within the school or local community, allowing fellow students to showcase and sell their handmade crafts, artworks, or unique products. This project not only fosters entrepreneurship but also teaches valuable skills in marketing, finance, and customer service. Market Research and Idea Generation: Conduct surveys and interviews among students to identify popular interests and potential products. Encourage participants to brainstorm and develop unique product ideas that align with their skills and interests.

Investigating the Impact of Exercise on Mental Health in Teenagers

This research project focuses on exploring the relationship between physical activity and mental well-being in teenagers. The objective is to understand how regular exercise influences mental health parameters such as stress levels, mood, and overall emotional well-being in adolescents. By conducting this study, the student aims to contribute valuable insights to the fields of both exercise science and mental health.

Social Media and Adolescent Mental Health: A Comprehensive Study

This research project aims to investigate the impact of social media usage on the mental health of adolescents. The objective is to explore the correlation between social media habits, such as usage patterns, content consumption, and interaction frequency, and mental health parameters, including stress, anxiety, self-esteem, and overall well-being. Through this study, the student seeks to shed light on the complex relationship between social media and mental health in young individuals.

Coding skills

basic HTML

Languages I know

Tagalog, Intermediate

Teaching experience

I have a diverse background in teaching and mentoring experiences. I began as an Adjunct-Professor at California State University - Dominguez Hills, teaching courses in Clinical Laboratory Science, specifically focusing on Hematology, Urinalysis, Microbiology, and Phlebotomy in the Department of Clinical Science. My passion for teaching extended beyond traditional classrooms. In the military, I had the opportunity to mentor soldiers, guiding them through various aspects of their profession. This mentoring role continued into the business realm, where I mentored soldiers in the context of medical school, bridging the gap between military service and business education. Currently, in medical school, my teaching responsibilities have expanded. I serve as the student coordinator for a military academic elective, where I facilitate the learning experience for my peers. Additionally, I am involved in teaching dermatology courses designed for high school students, fostering their interest in the medical field. Moreover, my expertise in laboratory testing has enabled me to educate healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses. Beyond technical skills, I have taught essential topics such as diversity, inclusion, equity, financial literacy, and labor management partnerships, emphasizing the holistic development of individuals under my guidance. These varied teaching experiences have enriched my skills and deepened my commitment to education and mentorship.


Work experience

Kaiser Permanente (2018 - 2022)
Clinical Laboratory Scientist
U.S. Army (2013 - Current)
Medical Laboratory Technician/Health Professions Scholar
California State University - Dominguez Hills (2021 - 2022)
Adjunct Professor
Veteran Affairs-Long Beach (2017 - 2018)
Clinical Laboratory Scientist


California State University, Dominguez Hills
BS Bachelor of Science (2017)
Clinical Science - Medical Technology
Southeastern Oklahoma State University
MBA Master of Business Administration (2021)
Healthcare Information Systems
Medical College of Wisconsin
MD Doctor of Medicine candidate

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