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Shervin S

- Research Program Mentor

PhD at University of Pittsburgh


computational fluid dynamics, computer aided design, artificial intelligence, high performance computing, machine learning, large language models, product management


I am a dedicated educator and mentor deeply passionate about fostering scientific curiosity and innovation. With a background as a Grand Award Judge at the International Science and Engineering Fair, I have guided and evaluated students' STEM projects, fueling their aspirations. At the University of Pittsburgh's School of Engineering, I teach undergraduate and graduate courses, merging theory and application to cultivate a dynamic learning atmosphere. Beyond academia, I thrive on teaching coding skills at hackathons and workshops, promoting hands-on learning and collaborative problem-solving. Guiding research projects for undergraduate and graduate students, I am committed to nurturing future trailblazers. Through initiatives like Girls Rock Science, I aim to bridge gender gaps in STEM, inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Simplifying Fiery Reactions with Data

I spearheaded an exciting project called "Simplifying Fiery Reactions with Data" that aimed to make complex combustion simulations easier to understand and work with. Imagine a puzzle where you have to figure out how different things burn and react together. Well, in the world of science and engineering, we use special computer programs to simulate these reactions, which help us design better engines, create cleaner fuels, and even understand how fire behaves. But here's the catch: these simulations can be really complicated and time-consuming. That's where our project would come in! We will use tricks with data to make these simulations faster and simpler, like finding shortcuts in a maze. By doing this, we can unlock valuable insights into combustion and make it much easier for scientists and engineers to study and improve how things burn. It's like making a tough puzzle a whole lot easier to solve, and it's all about making our world safer, cleaner, and more efficient!

Coding skills

Matlab, Python, C

Languages I know

Farsi (Persian)

Teaching experience

- Teach undergraduate and graduate courses in the School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh: + Instructed diverse students in engineering disciplines. + Delivered lectures, led discussions, and assessed student progress. + Contributed to curriculum development and enhancement. - Teach coding skills at Hackathon and Workshops: + Conducted workshops and hackathons to teach coding and programming. + Guided participants through hands-on coding exercises and projects. + Facilitated learning in an interactive and collaborative environment. - Mentor undergraduate and graduate students for research projects: + Provided guidance and support to students in research endeavors. + Offered expertise in project design, methodology, and analysis. + Fostered skill development, critical thinking, and academic growth. - Grand Award Judge, International Science and Engineering Fair: + Evaluated STEM projects by students in grades 9-12 from various regions. + Judged projects across 21 different categories at Regeneron ISEF. + Affiliated with the fair as a representative for evaluation and selection. - University of Pittsburgh Representative, Girls Rock Science at Carnegie Science Center: + Engaged with participants to promote interest and enthusiasm for science. + Contributed to interactive activities and presentations to inspire young learners.


Work experience

University of Pittsburgh (2017 - 2021)
Research Assistant Professor
Dell Technologies (2021 - Current)
Product Manager


Amirkabir University of Technology
BS Bachelor of Science (2011)
Aerospace Engineering
Amirkabir University of Technology
MS Master of Science (2013)
Aerospace Engineering
University of Pittsburgh
MS Master of Science (2016)
Petroleum Engineering
University of Pittsburgh
PhD Doctor of Philosophy (2016)
Computational Modeling & Simulation

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