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Amin S

- Research Program Mentor

PhD candidate at Princeton University


Membrane separation/membrane synthesis, online scheduling and optimization, reaction chemistry, heat/mass transport, and thermodynamics.


I am a chemical and biomolecular engineer by training, and I attended the Georgia Institute of Technology for my undergraduate degree. I am currently working as a PhD candidate in the Maravelias Lab at Princeton University. The group's focus is on process systems engineering and scheduling, but my work is more geared towards the online scheduling and optimization side. In chemical manufacturing operations, chemical production scheduling and product blending can be improved by developing new ways to tackle production disturbances such as equipment breakdowns or task delays. My job is to develop algorithms that enable fast solutions to these scheduling problems without compromising facility performance. I have tutored high school students and mentored undergraduate students in the past because I thoroughly enjoy discussing science with others. It gives me an opportunity to hear other perspectives and learn from them while also providing students help in the topics I am most passionate about. Teaching is one of my hobbies, but some of my other hobbies include weight lifting, playing tennis, playing ping pong, and playing volleyball. I am always open to talking about chemistry, physics, and engineering to anyone who is interested!

Project ideas

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Chemical Production Scheduling

In this project, you will explore the science of manufacturing and how to organize a chemical plant on a high-level such that all of the batches and tasks that are being run are optimized. This entails scheduling operations in a timely manner while also maximizing the revenue and minimizing the costs of production. You will explore the effects of optimal scheduling on products and demand specifications while analyzing the sensitivity of the profits on raw materials/inputs. Prerequisites No prior coding skills are required, but you must be interested in learning how to develop algebraic formulations from real-world problems.

Coding skills

Matlab, Aspen, AutoCAD, GAMS

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Teaching experience

I have tutored high school students in chemistry while I was a chemical engineering undergraduate student at Georgia Tech. Once a week, we would meet up and go over homework problems they were assigned and any questions they had on the lecture material. Additionally, I have mentored freshmen and sophomore undergraduate students in Dr. Ryan Lively's Separations lab (at the Georgia Institute of Technology) by helping them design experiments and collect data that they would later report on. I have also been a teaching assistant (TA) in two courses at Princeton University. The first was the Introduction to Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE) Principles, which is the introductory course everyone entering the CBE department must take prior to enrolling in other CBE courses. The second class was the Design, Synthesis, and Optimization of Chemical Processes. This is a group project-based senior design course that involved coding and bringing together all CBE concepts taught in previous classes. It is one of the final courses someone in the CBE department must take before graduating.


Work experience

Dennis Group (2016 - 2017)
Process Engineer Co-op
Georgia Institute of Technology (2019 - 2019)
Research Assistant
Korean Institute of Science and Technology (2018 - 2018)
Research Assistant
Immucor Inc. (2018 - 2020)
Research and Development Scientist


Georgia Institute of Technology
BS Bachelor of Science (2018)
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Princeton University
BA Bachelor of Arts (2022)
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Princeton University
PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate
Chemical and Biological Engineering

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