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Amy G

- Research Program Mentor

MD at Saint Louis University


Psychiatry, medicine, biology, nutrition


Hi I am Amy and I am a psychiatry resident at Saint Louis University (SLU)! I have experience treating people dealing with mental health issues and advocating for comprehensive treatment for people struggling with serious mental illness. I studied nutrition in college at the University of MN and have continued to give lectures on nutrition counseling as a resident. I went to medical school at SLU and fell in love with psychiatry during that time. I will finish my psychiatry residency in 2023 and plan to pursue a fellowship after that time. I love sharing my passion for learning, discovering and discussion with other people and mentoring is an awesome was to do this! I love helping people find their strengths and have loved helping high school students become interested in different aspects of science and medicine. In my free time, I love learning about psychiatry, nutrition and health in general. I also love to cook, watch theater, hike and long distance run.

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Culinary health for the community

Create a curriculum on health and nutrition which focuses on quick, healthy and affordable meals for busy family. This would be either distributed on your local elementary school's website for family members or given as a hands on cooking class.

Decreasing stigma around mental health in high school students

Perform a literature review on successful ways to increase dialogue in mental health in high school students. Use this to create either a website or a student group to implement these efforts.

Nutrition curriculum for elementary school students

Create 2 to 3 short, interactive lessons for elementary school students about food and exercise in a way that does not focus on weight or “good/bad” foods and present at local elementary school

Teaching experience

I have spent time mentoring high school students in science throughout medical school. I have also tutored students ranging in age from elementary school to college and have mentored students on applying to medical school. I am currently involved in medical student education, diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) curriculum development and residency education.


Work experience

Saint Louis University (2019 - 2023)
Psychiatry resident


University of Minnesota
BS Bachelor of Science (2010)
Nutrition Science
Saint Louis University
MD Doctor of Medicine (2019)
Medical school

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