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Paul E

- Research Program Mentor

DPT at Shenandoah University


Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Behavioral Psychology, Kinesiology, Physiology, Entrepreneurship


Hi my name is Paul Ellington and I'm a Physical Therapist by trade and entrepreneur at heart. I have been a practicing physical therapist for 6 years, started multiple businesses, and never stopped learning after finishing school. I published research during my DPT program and went on to become a board certified specialist in orthopedics. I'm also a certified health coach and believe in approaching every patient with a holistic approach since diet, exercise, sleep, and wellness are all interconnected. In my free time I love spending time outside whether it be hiking, camping, biking, surfing, snowboarding, or just lounging in my hammock reading a book. I love live music and always have a song stuck in my head!

Project ideas

Project ideas are meant to help inspire student thinking about their own project. Students are in the driver seat of their research and are free to use any or none of the ideas shared by their mentors.

Exercise and Happiness

We could explore the relationship between people who meet the AHA (American Heart Association) exercise recommendation's and their overall happiness vs. those who are more sedentary. This could be written as a research paper or be a presentation.

Mobility and Pain

I hypothesize that if you took a random population through a mobility screen, you would find those who are at an acceptable level mobility wouldn't have as much day to day pain as those who are stiff and sedentary. We could explore this hypothesis with you leading the research. This could be written as a research article or be a presentation.

Business and Personal Finance

I would like to explore the relationship personal finance (financial literacy) and a person's desire to work in the business field, whether as an entrepreneur or business related career field. This could be a presentation/lecture on the importance of financial literacy or could be written as an essay.

Teaching experience

I have mentored students in my graduate program and now am a part time adjunct professor at Shenandoah University's Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.


Work experience

Shenandoah University (2020 - Current)
Adjunct Professor
Optimum Physical Therapy (2022 - Current)
Physical Therapist
Infinity Performance and Physical Therapy (2021 - 2022)
Owner and Physical Therapist


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
BS Bachelor of Science
Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise
Shenandoah University
DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy (2017)
Physical Therapy

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