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PhD Doctor of Philosophy candidate

Pathogens, Microbiomes, Microbiology, Immunology
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Project ideas

Fact and fiction in the world of probiotic supplements

With interest in gut microbiome-related therapies on the rise, I think a cool project would be to try and dig into the world of probiotic supplements. There's a lot of misinformation, but also a lot of very cool clinical data about how well these work. A final product might be a web page, video, or podcast detailing an assessment of what we can believe and what we can't regarding these probiotics.

Coping with change

Environmentally transmitted microbes, whether they are bacterial, eukaryotic, or viral, all need to deal with a problem: hosts and the world around them are two very different environments. How do these microbes, both pathogenic and commensal, deal with and adapt to these divergent environments? How does this improve their transmission

Coding skills

Python, Bash, R

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